Herschel Walker Wants you to Care about his NFL Comeback

I don’t understand why Herschel Walker is contemplating a return to the NFL.  It’s one thing to beat the crap out of some stiff named Greg Nagy in the MMA.  But that is one fight that lasts half an hour.  It’s not 16-20 weeks of constant beatings by 300 pound linemen who would love nothing more than to put a beating on their childhood hero.

Why is he doing this?  One could tell even back in 1983 when the New Jersey Generals made him one of the richest professional football players that he was motivated by money.  He skipped to the USFL so as to avoid the NFL’s entry rules for college juniors.  The USFL also allowed him to pick his team, rather than being stuck with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or another NFL doormat.  I do question his geography skills however when he claimed to have wanted to play in New York.  New Jersey ain’t New York.  But really, who could use a 50 year old running back?

He wants to play for the Atlanta Falcons, his hometown team.  Not with Michael Turner at running back.

He wanted to play in Dallas (I don’t Felix Jones will agree with that), Giants (Not with Ahmad Bradshaw running the ball) and the Jets (Shonn Greene is already irritated that he has to share time with a verteran like LT).  Even the Bucs have a better option (Lagarrette Blount might give Walker a pretty good fight though). 

I think that Walker’s best options are the Redskins, the Cardinals and the Bengals.  If I were him, I’d continue the MMA career instead.

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