Dodgers Throwback Uniform a Slap in the Face to Brooklyn

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced that during mid week home games, the team shall honor its history by wearing the uniforms of its predecessor the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The Brooklyn Dodgers left Ebbets Field for Chavez Ravine (eventually, I suppose) in 1957 and vowed to move forward in California.  Obviously this is a marketing ploy to get more seats filled during the week, and I understand that, but many commentators, including myself, believe that the Dodgers history in Brooklyn ended in 1957 and should stay that way.

Now, I don’t agree that the Dodgers’ attempt at honoring its history by wearing Brooklyn Dodger jerseys and hats is tantamount to what happened to the Seattle Supersonics.  In Seattle, Clay Bennett pretended to look for a new stadium deal in Seattle and have the City and State work with him to improve the old Key Arena knowing full well that the team was going to break its lease and move to Oklahoma City shortly after his purchase.  Conversely, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Walter O’Malley wanted to stay in New York City, but refused to turn over ownership of the land and the stadium to the City.  He was eventually forced to go elsewhere when it became clear that a new stadium in Brooklyn was not forthcoming.

What I strongly agree with in the Bleacher Report article is the disdain for the belief that wearing vintage jerseys make things all right with the jilted city and even worse, expressing that wearing these jerseys will prove to be an olive branch to the Borough.  We all know that wearing these vintage jerseys are meant to being people to games on Tuesday night against the Pirates and even more importantly will spur a buying frenzy from fans who want to wear a different baseball jersey.  It’s ridiculous to think that wearing jerseys from a former location will endear the team to its old location and the Dodgers front office knows this.  The lip service it is paying to Brooklyn is sad – because we all know what’s going on here.

But don’t feel sorry for Brooklyn.  They are about to do the same thing to New Jersey that happened them when the New Jersey Nets (who are no longer the worst team in NBA History) move into the Barclays Center in 2012.   

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One Response to Dodgers Throwback Uniform a Slap in the Face to Brooklyn

  1. Chyll Will says:

    Regarding the Nets, that’s a little more complicated than that. The Nets started out as a New York team in 1967-68 (New York Americans) without a home because the Knicks strong-armed most of the other venues to keep them from playing in the vicinity, and they ended up playing in Teaneck, NJ their first year and changed the team name (but not the franchise name) to the New Jersey Americans. From 1968-72, they played in two other venues in Long Island before settling at Nassau Coliseum, where they stayed until 1976, calling themselves the New York Nets in association with other local pro teams (Mets and Jets). They changed their name to the New Jersey Nets in 1977 when they moved to Rutgers University sports complex in Piscataway and played there until the completion of the Meadowlands in the early 80’s.

    In essence then, the Nets are not really abandoning their hometown as much as they are returning to their roots. They always were a New York City team in spirit until the Secaucus 7 took over. The Dodgers were rooted in Brooklyn a whole lot longer than the Nets were in New Jersey, win or lose, and their departure was far more devastating to their fan base than the Nets will likely be; a slap in the face maybe, but not gut-wrenching and thus don’t really relate on that level.

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