Reports surfaced over the weekend that an authentic helmet signed by all of the original AFL Houston Oilers was auctioned off for over $2 million.  The helmet would have been auctioned off for a couple of hundred thousand dollars, but because this was a charity auction, a Houston lawyer and his wife ended up bidding against each other to drive the price up.  I assume that this couple is not the McCourts, so the bidding was friendly and all proceeds went to benefit the Hughen Center in Texas for disabled children.   

The $2 million price tag for the helmet – called Love Ya blue – would place 3rd in the list of the most valuable sports collectibles, just behind Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball and the Honus Wagner 1910 baseball card sold by Wayne Gretzky.  Unlike the controversy surrounding those two collectibles, this helmet signifies the run and shoot style of the old AFL Houston Oilers.  Some people would ask whether the helmet shoots lasers, but the point is to give the money to charity and get your name up on the memorial wing.  there’s nothing wrong with that and I applaud the transaction.

For more information on the Houston Oilers and Houston Oilers memorabilia, visit Vintage Team Store.

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