Jerry Glanville Continuing His UFL Career in Hartford of All Places


The former coach of the Houston Oilers (1985-1989) and the Atlanta Falcons (1990-93) has resurfaced in of all places, Hartford, Connecticut as the head coach of Connecitcut’s UFL entry, the Hartford Colonials.  After a 3-5 opening season in the UFL in 2010, the Colonials are looking to improve on their inaugural season.  The hope is that Glanville will be able to instill some of his notorious technique to make his teams overachieve and more successful and put some more fans in the seats – be that as it may. Glanville may also be able to attract more talent with his NFL resume – the thinking being that players will flock to Hartford with the hope of parlaying that experience into an NFL job.

But is Glanville enough?  After mediocre stints as a Head Coach in the NFL with the Oilers and the Falcons, Glanville went to work for the networks.  After deciding that he wanted to finish his career coaching rather than watching from the sidelines, he returned to the sidelines.  Portland State didn’t suit him as he struggled to win 9 games while lose 24 in his time there. Undeterred, Glanvile contnues his career in the UFL.  Will his hustle on every play approach work in professional football.  Even more importantly, is this enough for Jerry Glanville?  He’s almost 70 years old and the chances of landing another high prestige job are slim, if not none.  Reports that he accepted the job before finding how much he was making in the financially-challenged league leads me to believe that he is ready to take this challenge on.

This might be the right venue, however.  With the NFL struggling to find labor peace, college athletics struggling with scandel and Arena Football struggling to survive financially, the UFL is poised to become an interesting choice in the Fall.  The Colonials have added to the excitement by signing former Hawaii standout quarterback Colt Brennan, who is still recovering from a serious car accident last year.  Perhaps with Glanville’s guidance, the Colonials will start winning just as the league’s profile is raised.  UFL games are fun and exciting.  The hiring of Glanville, if only for a season or two is a step in teh direction of financial stability.  I hope it continues. 

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