Seattle Pilots and their One Good Year

The closest to a hall-of-famer they had was Billy Williams. Perhaps Jim Bouton, but only for contributions with his Book “Ball Four.” The best player they had was their First Baseman, Don Mincher, who had 25 home runs and .246/.366/.821 statistics. Not bad I suppose.

The team’s best pitcher was their closer, Diego Segui, who managed to notch 12 saves in that woebegone year. And while the rest of the team was 52-92, Segui finished the year at 12-6.

The team also featured Mike Marshall, who ended up breaking the record a couple of years later for most games pitched, with 106 in 1974.

Eventually, the team, citing poor attendance, moved to Milwaukee the following years only enjoy reasonable success through the 1970’s and early 1980’s.

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