The NHL welcomes Back Teams in Hartford and Quebec City

Steve Thompson recently published in Bleacher Report a highly entertaining column about NHL expansion to 40 teams in two 20 team conferences over the next 10 years – including the arrival of new Hartford Whalers and Quebec Nordiques franchises.  And while much of it was tongue-in-cheek (New York Islanders getting a new arena and Phoenix getting a new basketball team in response to losing the Coyotes).

I personally liked the column.  I have two changes to the list.  First off, if Montreal can support two teams, then Toronto can support two teams too.  Get rid of Spokane. 

Second, the Islanders are never going to stay where they are.  They will move to Regina or Halifax.  If the move is to Halifax, then move the Hartford Whalers to the Rangers Division and Halifax Islanders can move to the Northeast Division.  If Regina is the new city, then move Regina to the saskatoon Division, move Chicago to the St. Louis Division and have St. Louis play in the Eastern Conference.

Overall, it was a very entertaining piece.  And I hope this takes place.  Anything to get the hartford Whalers back.

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