Some Hartford Whalers to Include in NHL

NHL12 includes a legends mode that will showcase old players from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I don’t really know, but with NBA 2K12 coming out with its own Legends mode that includes such players as George Mikan and Cedric Ceballos (no, really), I figured that “legends” is a very loose interpretation of anyone who played a long time ago – whether they were legends or not.  I would like to see some old Hartford Whalers all stars show up in the legends section in NHL13.

Rick Ley, Kevin Dineen, Mike Rogers, Pat Verbeek, Mike Liut, Mark Howe and Andre Lacroix all have places in NHL13.  And in fact, the game producers would be well served in including players from all of the defunct teams.  I would love to be able to play with the Quebec Nordiques right before they moved to Denver.  That team was stacked!

Maybe include the teams from the WHA could be included as well.  Again, the New England Whalers, Houston Aeros and the Winnipeg Jets (old style) could all play major roles in the new NHL13 Legends Experience.

Bring back the Brass Bonanza so I can hear it at venues other than the Boston Garden, please.   

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