The 16 Teams Most Likely to Move in the Next Five Years

In the last several years, every major sport has seen one or more of its teams relocate.  Whether its through mismanagement or just poor financial times, a lot of teams have had to move.  Forget about the Hartford Whalers and the Quebec Nordiques, numerous teams have decided to uproot themselves and their fan bases to look for greener pastures.  Teams like the Montreal Expos, Vancouver Grizzlies, Atlanta Thrashers and the Houston Oilers have all moved in the name of better financial options. 

These days, teams are more likely than not, when facing tough times, to decide to look for bigger arenas, larger corporate and government givebacks and more financial stability rather than weathering the competitive storms.  Here are some teams from each league that I forecast to be moving in the next three to five years.


Phoenix Coyotes

New York Islanders

Dallas Stars

Columbus Blue Jackets


Arizona Diamondbacks

Tampa Bay Rays

New York Mets

Kansas City Royals


Jacksonville Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings

Oakland Raiders

St. Louis Rams


Sacramento Kings

Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Hornets

Toronto Raptors

It’s a reach, I admit, that the four baseball teams will be moving.  The most likely team to have moved, the Marlins, are moving into a brand new stadium and will not be moving for the time being.

The point is, we’ll be seeing a lot more teams moving in the short term.  In fact, the NHL and the NBA may be faced with contraction. No league is immune to these issues.


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